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What is Fine Needle Aspiration?

Fine needle aspiration is a process used to examine cells from superficial masses in the body that are palpable. A thin needle is used to aspirate fluid from these masses, which are most commonly found in the head and neck, breast and soft tissue.

Next the physician will direct the needle in the optimal position to obtain diagnostic material and will then place this fluid on to a slide. The physician will then prepare the smear by spreading the fluid around in the best way to visualize the cells on a slide through a microscope in the office.

They will then give the patient a diagnosis. All of this will occur during the appointment time and will result in an immediate preliminary diagnosis before the office visit concludes, therefore minimizing unnecessary anxiety and decreasing the time for patients to start getting proper treatment if needed. Read More…

Fast Results with Fine Needle Aspiration

When you find a lump or possible tumor on any area of your body, it can leave you wanting answers immediately. With all of the existing various forms of cancers, there is reason for the worry and scare. But you shouldn’t have to wait for weeks to find out about a possible life-altering complication.

The Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic is dedicated to providing you with results quicker than any other facility. Time is extremely valuable, especially when you are under the impression that you may have a serious condition in need of immediate treatment. Some results simply need to be given instantaneously, particularly results that show an issue where early treatment can make all the difference.

It certainly is better to have quicker results for a breast biopsy, thyroid biopsy, and lymph node biopsy. Of course, you don’t want to sit with the idea of possibly having a life-threatening cancer for weeks as you wait for your test results, but you also don’t want to miss out on treatment you may need if you do have the condition. That’s why it is critical to get immediate results, which the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic does for you by providing you the necessary information you need to know before your visit is over!

Breast Biopsy Results

A breast biopsy is typically performed to make a breast cancer diagnosis and is performed by taking out a breast tissue sample to view under a microscope. You may need a breast biopsy if there is a lump discovered during a check or if an unusual result is discovered in a mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI.

At the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic, our qualified and experienced medical staff will perform a standard breast examination and if a breast biopsy is necessary, will place a thin needle into the lump and take out a small sample of cells to study. This is a definite way to determine whether the breast lump is malignant, meaning cancerous, or benign, meaning noncancerous.

The benefit of turning to The Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic for a breast biopsy is that you will be evaluated, examined, and have your breast biopsy performed. Not only will this occur but you will also leave knowing the results. You do not need to wait the standard week or two to hear whether or not you have breast cancer. This can make a world of difference for women that may need immediate treatment or may not even have it at all and shouldn’t need to worry.

Thyroid Biopsy Tests

When you need a thyroid biopsy test, an effective way to retrieve the thyroid tissue sample is by a fine needle aspiration. You will need a thyroid biopsy test to confirm thyroid cancer, thyroid infection, and additional thyroid problems. A fine needle aspiration is a procedure where a needle is placed into the lump, thyroid gland, or skin to test for these conditions. The needle removes cells that will indicate whether or not there is a thyroid problem.

You can have medical professionals at the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic perform any thyroid biopsy tests you may need. Not only will the professionals be able to perform the test the day you come in for your appointment, but the medical professionals at the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic will also be able to share your results with you.

There are a number of advantages to turning to a medical facility like the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic. For one, you get immediate results on your condition, so if you need to take an urgent action for treatment, you can instead of having to wait weeks to hear back about your results.

Lymph Node Biopsy

Whether infection, disease, or cancer is a concern, a lymph node biopsy could be necessary. A lymph node biopsy allows for lymph tissue samples to be extracted and tested to confirm lymph node conditions. A lymph node biopsy can be performed by a fine needle aspiration biopsy which is where the doctor will place a thin needle through the lymph node and take out cells to test. Lymph nodes on the body can include portions in the neck, behind the ears, in the armpits, and within the chest, stomach, and groin.

Having a lymph node biopsy can be important to determine what is going on if you are experiencing symptoms that could be cancer or another condition. The medical staff at the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic can help by performing this biopsy on the day you come in for your visit. This can be critical, especially if you need fast results or may be in need of immediate treatment.

No matter what your concerns are in regards to a breast biopsy, thyroid biopsy, or lymph node biopsy, the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic is here to help provide immediate results. This can make the difference, especially when you are suffering from a serious condition and urgency is critical.

Instead of turning to your doctor or any other medical facility and having to wait several weeks for test results, you can make an appointment with the Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic and find out what’s really going on with you today. Call for more information today at 305-448-7213.

Our Procedure is Quick and Easy

What if I Found a Lump?

Make an appointment for an initial exam and evaluation by our physician and board certified cytopathologist, who will then determine the need for a possible aspiration biopsy.


An ultrasound will be performed by our certified ultrasound technician. Based on the findings and the size of the nodule, we will proceed to order a Fine Needle Aspiration of the lesion if needed.


Using the ultrasound as a guide the Cytopathologist will insert a fine needle into the area to be examined. The needle will extract fluid and cells from the lump or mass to be studied.


You will receive your preliminary results the same day before you even leave the office and a written report will be sent to your physician within 1 to 3 business days.

Treatment / Options

You will be advised to contact your refereeing physician, who will have our complete report within 1-3 business days, for further treatment options.